Metamorphoses, retrospective

An Online Symposium on the life’s work of Heidi Bucher with Talks, Screenings and Music for a full-day digital symposium.

The Estate of Heidi Bucher and the Haus der Kunst, Munich

Alma Zevi in Conversation with Lady Elena Foster and Hans Ulrich Obrist

in association with the Serpentine Gallery.

Credits: Film credits Georgia Rothman

The Life & Legacy of Heidi Bucher Panel Discussion

Friday, April 26, 6 – 8 PM
501 West 24th Street, New York

Featuring panelists:
Ziba Ardalan, Founder & Director, Parasol unit
Simon Castets, Director, Swiss Institute
Ruth Erickson, Curator, ICA Boston

Moderated by:
Anna Stothart, Curatorial Director, Lehmann Maupin

“Courtesy the artist and Lehmann Maupin, New York, Hong Kong, and Seoul. Video: Naixin Xu.

Indigo + Mayo Bucher

in conversation with Ziba Ardalan at Parasol unit, London

Interview Herrenzimmer

Interview during work in progress with Indigo Bucher – Herrenzimmer, Winterthur 1978


Heidi Bucher collaborated in the early 1970’s with her husband, sculptor Carl Bucher. These “Bodyshells” were showcased in an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts (now the Museum of Art and Design) in New York City

ACTS Show – Landings to wear

A three part video featuring interviews with the artists, visitors, and participants of the ACTS exhibition at and around the MCC, April 3-June 6, 1971. See full video

Heidi Bucher

Mayo Bucher speaks about the biography of his Mother

Le Prison, Le Landeron

Heidi Bucher 1985
By Anka Schmid. Heidi Bucher Skins 5 Prisoners

Flying Skinroom, Bellevue, 1988 – Heidi Bucher

The Audience Room of Dr. Binswanger – Bellevue, Kreuzlingen.
Installation view in her studio Schleife, Winterthur.

Bellevue, Kreuzlingen

Heidi Bucher 1990
Film by Michael Koechlin of Heidi Bucher Skinning the Bellevue, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, 16mm SWF3


Exposition 13.09. – 08.12.2013
Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris
This Heidi Bucher exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, with generous additional support from Jill & Peter Kraus, NYC.

Heidi Bucher Ab Los Raus Wegfliegling 1982

Winterthur by Martin Kugler

Räume sind Hüllen, sind Häute.

Heidi Bucher 1981
Rooms are surroundings, are skins. Produced by George Reinhart, Winterthur, Switzerland. 32 Min.
Realisation und Kamera Lukas Strebel, Textredaktion Peter Killer

Grande Albergo Brissago

Heidi Bucher 1984
Video by Isa Hesse, Brissago, Switzerland


Romeo Bucher, grandson of Heidi Bucher remakes video of the Ahnenhaus

Conversation about Heidi Bucher

Beatrix Ruf and Swiss Institute Director Simon Castets in conversation about the artist Heidi Bucher. March 9, 2014. – 6 Videos

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